Top 8 Eating Etiquettes While Eating At a Restaurant

The employees and the owner of the restaurants spend a lot of money on the maintenance of their restaurants. When you enter such a classy restaurant to have your dinner, there is some etiquette you need to follow to maintain your class in such a classy place and among all the people present there. You don't need to follow all the etiquette, but by following the etiquette, you can maintain your standard in the restaurant, and it provides a substantial feel-good factor to you. You can learn about eight eating etiquette while eating at a restaurant in detail.

  • Keep the menu on the table

It is very tempting to bring the menu closer to your face and look for options. It would help if you remembered that at least some of the menu should remain on the table. This would ensure that you are not in any hurry to have your food as soon as possible. Take your time, go through the menu and order your favorite food.

  • Avoid asking for an oyster fork

If the waiter has not served a fork with the oyster, it means that the oyster has been loosened from the inside, and you don't need a fork for your dinner. If in case, any part of the oyster remains attached to the shell, you can use a knife and spoon to remove it. So, avoid asking for a fork next time if not provided. When you finish eating the oyster, you can turn over the shell which would indicate that you are done with the oyster now.

  • Keep the rims clean

When you finish your dinner, the waiter will clean your plate. If the rim of your plate is not clean, the waiter will find it a bit disgusting, even if it is his work to clean it. It would be best if you tried keeping the edge of the plate clean as much as possible.

  • Keep your food in the proper place unless you are eating

When you are not having your food, you should keep the food in the proper place so that it would not seem like you are having your food carelessly. For example, if you have your dinner at the best restaurant in Punta Cana, and there are many classy people around you, you should cut off the piece you want to eat and then eat it instead of picking up the whole article.

  • "Discards" at the top left corner

The top left corner of your plate should always be used to keep the discards. Instead of throwing them on the table, which may be regarded as a sign of disrespect towards the waitpersons of the restaurant, you should keep the discards on the top left corner of your plate. It would be easier to pick, and the waitpersons would not find it disgusting to pick up your discards.

  • Do not mention you are going to the bathroom

When you want to use the washroom in a restaurant, always avoid saying it to the person with you. You can give them some excuse and then go to the washroom. It is not good manners to inform a person before going to the washroom for some reason in the restaurant.

  • Don't forget to use "please" and "thanks."

Using words like please and thanks to the servers is excellent etiquette. The servers serve you the food, and in return, the least you can offer them is a simple thank you. Whenever you order something, the use of please in the sentence brings a sense of respect to the conversation. You have different places to eat in Punta Cana, and wherever you go, if you use the word please while ordering, the waiter will feel happier to serve your dinner.

  • Always place the napkin on your lap

Whenever you go to a restaurant for lunch or dinner, you should never forget to keep the napkin on your lap. If you are at a business dinner, you should wait for your partner to place their napkin on their lap, and then, you should also do the same. If you want to use the washroom, keep your napkin on the chair and when you return, keep it on your lap again before eating. This is excellent etiquette, and it also saves your attire from being damaged by the food item. When you finish your meal, keep the napkin on the dining table rather than throw it in the dustbin.


You are now aware of the eight etiquettes you must follow while having your meal at a restaurant. It does not matter if you are at a business dinner or a personal one; etiquette will help you to achieve social respect. These etiquettes are tiny tasks that are not mandatory, but if you don't follow the etiquettes, you become pretty vulnerable to other people's judgment. You would look like a person who has come for the first time to such a big restaurant, and you find yourself very unfamiliar with that place. So, enjoy your meal at the restaurant and earn a good impression on other people simultaneously.

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